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Joe Curto is a long-time rebuilder and parts supplier for British carburetors. He founded British Superior in 2002 when he purchased the patterns and molds from the long-established Salcorp, a company that produced high-quality rebuild kits for Beck-Arnley
and later Moss Motors for over four decades. Joe used these same patterns combined with his own expertise to create the
British Superior rebuilding kits and components product line that exists today. He, along with experienced, well-trained staff, continues to make improvements based on professional reviews and current quality standards. 

Our shop is open five days a week 9:00am-6:00pm EST. We are here to troubleshoot
your problems and answer any questions about carburetor rebuilding and tuning.


The majority of our product line is manufactured here in the United States including HD jet diaphragms made from ethanol-proof Viton®-B rubber. Our gaskets are made of modern fiber, and our H-Type seals are made of a tried and tested cork rubber that prevents them from losing permeability. Like most carburetors, our internal springs are made from stainless steel while the floats
are made from a foam-like material that does not absorb Nitrophyl® fuel. All parts are made from high quality, durable
.materials that cut costs and increase the life of your carburetor





When Joe Curto was seventeen years old, he purchased his first car: The 1952 MG TD British Roadster. This car sparked his interest in the British automotive industry and was the first step in a long, fulfilling career. Because he couldn’t afford to pay a mechanic, he learned to maintain and repair the car himself. 


At age eighteen, Joe joined the Navy and became a certified aircraft mechanic. When Joe completed his service, he began repairing British sports cars out of his parents’ garage in Queens Village where he established a steady, loyal clientele. This eventually enabled him to start his own garage with more space where he could better serve his customers.  


Joe quickly discovered a demanding market for parts and services for older British cars. He began with light British automotive repair, focusing mainly on SU and Zenith Stromberg carburetors. He learned how difficult it was to obtain the quality parts needed to service these particular carburetors. Many of the parts he received were of poor quality, scarce, too expensive, or took too much time to ship from overseas. 


Joe took it upon himself to manufacture throttle shafts and other commonly worn parts and gaskets. Producing these pieces in large quantities in his shop enabled him to keep costs down and pass this savings onto his customers. Over time, he developed a positive reputation in the British car industry and expanded his product line and service quality. 


Because of his knowledge and flexibility, Joe has adapted British Superior to the industry even as modern regulations and emissions standards have changed.

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